Affiliation with Christ Gospel Churches Intl. Inc.

Affiliation with Christ Gospel Churches Intl. Inc.

Christ Gospel International Inc. is a worldwide Christian Organization that has provided financial support to Christ Gospel India over 25 years. Headquartered in the U.S.A., Christ Gospel International provides regular financial support for administration and the many humanitarian relief programs managed by Christ Gospel India. Since all Administrative expenses of Christ Gospel India are met by Christ Gospel International, all financial gifts and regular donations from others go 100% to various ministries and programs as designated by our Donors.

Also, Christ Gospel International provides books and other teaching materials written by our founder Rev. B. R. Hicks. Much of this material has been translated into the Telegu language, spoken by 90 Million residents of Andhra Pradesh Province (A.P.). Several of these eBooks in Telegu are downloadable free from the Media section of this site.

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Our India Country Director, Bishop Dr. Joseph Yelchuri & Family

Yelchuri Family

Left to right Mrs. Vara Yelchuri, Rev. Luke Yelchuri, Dr. Eleanor Yelchuri & Dr. Joseph Yelchuri.